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Step 1: Evaluation

First, a professional evaluation of your current situation is done. We will send a qualified Polaroid service representative to your business. He/she surveys the local conditions and takes photographs of the current light sources and their surroundings. With the information that you provide, such as the burning time of the lights per day, your opening hours during the year and your electricity price, our engineers and technicians explicitly calculate your current electricity costs.

Step 2: Saving potential

In this step, you will receive a detailed, suitable proposal on how you can save up to 60% of your current electricity costs with the installation of Polaroid LED lighting.

Step 3: Second appointment

We would then discuss the proposal with you and, if necessary, not only recommend the exchange of the previously installed lighting technology, but also take into account the legal requirements, as well as the conditions pertaining to labor laws and health and safety regulations with the new Polaroid lighting technology.

Step 4: Conversion, Disposal & Declaration of comformity

Because we are not importing a cheap product from China, but instead produce to your individual requirements, the conversion is also executed by our company. Here we resort to professional electricians and technicians who expertly replace all lighting, perform any necessary re-wiring, and issue the corresponding declaration of conformity.