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As official licensee of Polaroid Light Products, GBT GmbH is your partner for the commercial and retail sector when it comes to the usage of Polaroid light technology. You can order all light products under the Polaroid brand, or we can produce for you under our own brand. We also convert your business cost-neutrally to energy-saving LED technology.

Polaroid is one of the few worldwide brands with a brand recognition of 100%. Especially in Europe, but also in the fast-growing markets in Africa and the Middle East. GBT GmbH, equipped with secure, long-term contracts, uses this recognition to build a global B-lighting brand. As a licensee from the very beginning, GBT GmbH is gradually expanding its licensing agreements and has license rights for more than 100 countries!

With global locations in Europe, Asia, Africa and the USA, we provide you with optimal purchasing and production opportunities.


A brief history of Polaroid Lighting

Edwin H. Land, born on 7 May 1909, was the inventor of the Polaroid camera. At the time of his death, he was the holder of over 500 patents, including filters for sunglasses, for reducing glare in aircraft cockpit windows and for 3-D glasses. He first began researching light-related products while studying at university. Edwin H. Land died on 1 March 1991.

Edwin H. Land began working on light polarisation just one year after graduating from Harvard. Two years later, he filed a patent application for the first synthetic polariser. (A polariser is a component that filters out electromagnetic waves, e.g. visible light, using a specific polarisation generated from unpolarised, partially polarised or differently polarised electromagnetic waves.) Edwin H. Land developed a complete solution to the problem of poor vision at night, using polarised glass in headlights to enable drivers to see.

The first desk lamp was brought onto the market as a Polaroid lighting product even before Edwin H. Land designed the instant camera.
Polaroid light was born.