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Due to the ban of the sale of incandescent bulbs and the disadvantages of the energy-saving lamp (e.g. power-up delay, health-damaging substances, etc.), the sale of LED lamps has continued to rise. There is a lot that has been done in recent years in the field of LED technology as well. For example, the low amount of light output was the biggest problem in the past, and because of this, energy-saving lamps had a large advantage in the market. This weakness has since been remedied, and now the LED lamp technology offers light colors for all applications, whether it’s “cold white” for the office, “warm white” for at home, or “daylight” for large halls. The color temperature is measured here in Kelvin (K). Further information about light color can be found here.

Power consumption

The power consumption is up to 6 times lesser than with traditional bulbs.

Switching times

LED lamps ensure immediate light availability. With energy-saving lamps, there has been a switch-on delay of up to 30 seconds until the complete light strength is reached.


The sustainability of LED technology is clearly demonstrated by up to 50.000 hours of operation (which corresponds to about 5.5 years). In comparison, normal lightbulbs produce a maximum of 1.000 hours of operation.

Lower heat emissions

The diode(s) of LED lamps barely generate heat, thus minimizing fire hazard.

Standard socket

Thanks to the standardized lightbulb sockets (E27 and/or E14), which also accommodate LED lamps, changing of bulbs is simple and easy and requiring no further modifications.

Eco-friendly & Mercury-free

In comparison to energy-saving lamps, you do not have to dispose LED lamps in hazardous waste. LED lamps are mercury-free and contain no additional substances or gases that are hazardous to one’s health.

Polaroid Lighting now provides you with the opportunity to modify your business cost-neutral. Through the annual electricity cost savings, your investment in LED lamps and the modification pays off after just a few years. We also organize the disposal of your previous lighting.